Research Fund

Research Fund

Mosquito control is science-based. Mosquito control professionals use observation of mosquito populations, evaluation of control applications, and predictive modeling to determine what is likely to happen as part of virus transmission cycles. Mosquito control has benefited from a long history of researchers within mosquito abatement agencies, at public and private universities, and at other qualified research institutions examining how to improve mosquito control to provide a better quality of life for the public.

In 2015, the American Mosquito Control Association was approached to begin administering the Mosquito Research Foundation. Re-named the AMCA Research Fund, the new program seeks to fund research that will lead to new tools and strategies for mosquito surveillance and control, ultimately protecting the public from mosquito-borne disease and discomfort from mosquito bites. Priority research areas include:

• mosquito behavior and ecology; 
• arbovirus transmission; 
• impacts of pesticides on target and non-target organisms; 
• methods of mosquito and arbovirus surveillance and control; 
• evaluation of new pesticide products; and 
• efficacy and resistance to current pesticides


Request For Proposals


The AMCA Research Fund is seeking proposals in any of the above areas. Proposals can be submitted from staff at local and state mosquito abatement programs, public and private universities and other qualified research institutions. Early career researchers, including those whose job titles are Assistant Professor, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate, or researchers in county and state government institutions with fewer than 10 years on the job, are particularly encouraged to apply. While projects may build upon previous results, the AMCARF is committed to funding projects one year at a time. Small projects are particularly encouraged, but an upper limit of $55,000 on any one-year of one project has been set.

If you had previously submitted your application and have not received a confirmation, please resubmit by sending your completed application to 


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